Dragonfly concept and Modelling

Large surface area

Low centre of rotation 

Light and easily deployed/assembled for remote locations

‘Wings' can be fabric and ‘trimmed' for different conditions

Works with low wind speeds

Modeled using computational fluid dynamics, ‘Orcaflx'

Can be up to 3.5 m length wings or greater

Rudder can be disengaged to immobilise



'Orcaflex' simulation

 Dragonfly modelling by Simon Hindley Solis Marine

Wind speed is 10m/s and playback is real time. The main body with wings when ‘flipping’ does so at about 2rad/s, the yaw rate is about 1.5rad/s. The wings move over a range of 70deg and the yaw motion is +/-40deg (range of 80deg). The rudder angle is proportional to the rotation of the wings around the main fuselage.




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