Witt Limited has developed a technology called the WITT which converts motional energy into electricity

Motional energy is all around us, on land, sea and in the air, and now there is a technology that can capture this motion and convert it into usable electrical power. We have global companies working with us to bring out first product – the Marine WITT – into production and many customers wanting product.

Thank You to all our Investors! Our CrowdCube Campaign is now the Largest Equity Crowdfunded CleanTech Raise EVER totalling around £2.4 Million!

We won’t know the exact figure until all the money is in but we do know that this investment will not only allow us to put the 200-Watt Marine WITT into production, but it will also enable us to develop and commercialise other WITT applications, and open doors with licensing partners.

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I am Mairi Wickett, the CEO of Witt Limited. I am passionate about commercialising our WITT technology to enable users around the world to generate their own power!

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