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What is the WITT ?

The WITT is a technology capable of collecting chaotic movement in any direction and turning it into useable power. The WITT collects energy from Natural Occurring Motional Energy in WATER, (sea river or tidal) WIND, or HUMAN/ANIMAL movement with no impact on the environment.

In Marine the WITT technology has many applications as a power collecting unit, aqua-culture, oceanography, charging batteries on boats, navigational, GPS, novelty lighting etc.

Our USP's

  • No impact on the environment,a truly green solution
  • Tried and tested industry components with a 'fit and forget' transmission system
  • Totally sealed from the environment and aesthetically pleasing, and at an affordable price
  • The WITT will collect all 6 degrees of motion, clockwise, anti-clockwise, up and down and back and forth at any speed turning a flywheel in one direction as a power collecting device.
  • The WITT can be built from cm to metres (walnut size and up to several metres in size) all applications are covered in the patent

What applications can the WITT be used for?

The WITT technology has many uses, and can be built from cm to metres, depending on the application. Click on the short video clips for examples.

In the Marine environment the WITT technology has many applications as a power harvesting unit, data gathering buoys, vessel efficiency, autonomous vessels, aqua-culture, safety and utility lighting to name just a few. Other uses in the future could be ‘Marine Parks’, power for desalination units, and power for studies for offshore wind turbines.

If the Car's a Rockin'...

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Has the WITT been patented?

A UK and European patent has been granted and core countries worldwide are pending, there is no other energy harvesting device capable of collecting all 6 degrees of motion.

The business opportunities we are addressing are that of advancing the renewable energy market for both industrial and consumer markets. Solar energy does not work 24 hrs a day, and struggles in the Northern hemisphere. Wind energy is directionally dependant and existing energy devices have multiple issues. The ‘WITT’ device harnesses motional energy from any direction and converts it into rotational motion in one direction to create electricity.

A new follow on patent has been filed ensuring global protection for the next 30 months.

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