There are many applications for the WITT device. Our MARINE and PORTABLE WITT devices are the first WITT products to be launched in 2018.


  •    Sealed unit
  •    Scalable (cm to mtrs)
  •    Can be linked in series
  •    No external components
  •    Clean energy
  •    Multipurpose & adjustable Pendulums
  •    Captures energy from 6 degrees of motion
  • Our MARINE WITT is for buoys and anything floating on or under the sea surface where power is required. No existing technology provides a consensus choice. A sealed WITT is resistant to harsh sea environment, a ‘ fit & forget’ solution. The MARINE WITT will harvest power from surge & pitch, sway & roll, with NO SHOCK LOAD. This offers twice the capacity for wave power conversion than other devices.

    There are also many lifesaving and ocean survival applications where energy power is needed and we are delighted to have the RNLI and global survival company, Survitec, interested in deploying our WITTs at sea. Health & safety at sea is a global issue.

    Survitec leads the market globally in marine, defence and aerospace survival technology. We see the WITT as providing many survival applications across these markets, and we will be interested in working with the company as they bring these solutions to market.

    Stewart Gregory

    Survitec Group Technical Capability Director


  •    Sealed unit
  •    Lightweight
  •    Transferable to different backpacks
  •    Controllable power solution
  •    Emergency power provider
  •    Clean energy
  • Our PORTABLE WITT is a lightweight unit that can be positioned in the base of the backpack and could provide up to 10W of power for civilian and defence applications. The PORTABLE WITT uses human motion from walking to harness energy and convert it to useable electricity such as charging an iPhone. The unique selling point of this application is that the user is in control of their own power; the more they move the more energy they can generate. This unit replaces the need for carrying heavy batteries and can be lifesaving in remote locations.

     JGW Group sees tremendous potential for the WITT technology in the dismounted soldier backpack and other defence and homeland security applications.

    Andrew Wilson

    President, JGW Group - retained US Agent for selling the WITT technology in the Defence and Homeland Security markets


      Remote Monitoring
      Environmental & Positional Monitoring

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