WITT Mechanism

The WITT technology converts motion into electricity.

We have built prototypes to demonstrate how our technology can generate electricity from motion. We have used these prototypes to show our potential customers, engineering partners, agents, technology experts and global businesses how good the WITT is. These contacts share our excitement about what the WITT is able to achieve in terms of generating renewable power where it is needed and are engaging with us to bring our technology to market. We have customers wanting product.

The next step is to take the WITT technology into manufacturing for our first application.

A patented, completely scalable (cm to mtrs), affordable energy harvesting technology that converts motion into electricity.

First Application

Boats & Buoys, and small scale marine power applications.

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Future Applications

Numerous defence applications, Small Personal consumer power units, Large Scale Marine applications, including grid scale ocean power, wind power units, etc.

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How does the WITT convert all this motion into electricity?

Contained within a sealed unit, WITTs utilize a 3D pendulum which drives the transmission system, converting all motion, in any combination of the six degrees of freedom, into a single unidirectional rotation of a flywheel, to produce electricity! WITT‘s harvest chaotic motion, fast, slow or erratic, turning into useable power. No other energy harvesting system can capture this full spectrum-thus the WITT absorbs up to 100% more energy compared to other devices!

No other device captures energy from all 6 degrees of motion!

Motion = Useable Power

Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer is a uniquely developed technology.

  1. 1 Rotation around 1st axis
  2. 2 Rotation around 2nd axis
  3. 3 Rotation around 3rd axis
  1. 4 Back and forth
  2. 5 Side to side
  3. 6 Up and down
Six Degrees of Movement

Be part of the movement