There are numerous further applications that we will develop when the right commercialisation partners are identified.

Market Worth $6.5bn Per Annum
Soldiers Backpack

Backpack Power WITT

Positioned in the base of the backpack, could provide up to 10W of power for civilian and defence applications. Wide consumer market including Hikers and Preppers in addition to defence applications.

I am greatly encouraged by Witt Limited working with Ricardo and Schaeffler to bring their first product – the marine WITT - to market. JGW Group sees tremendous potential for the WITT technology in the dismounted soldier backpack and other defence and homeland security applications.

Andrew Wilson
President, JGW Group - retained US Agent for selling the WITT technology in the Defence and Homeland Security markets

Since the company’s inception in 1980, JGW has booked an impressive sales volume of over $6 billion for their clients, helping many of them grow to become market leaders in their respective sectors.

Market Size 1.8bn Smart Phones Sold in 2013
WITT Phone Charger

Smartphone Recharge Device

Micro WITT (large egg size) to provide back up power. Enables the use of phones, tablets, etc whilst on the move ensuring the person can recharge with their motional input. Wide consumer market.

Capturing Wave Power

No existing technology provides a consensus choice. A sealed WITT is resistant to harsh sea environment, a ‘fit & forget’ solution. WITT will harvest power from surge & pitch, sway & roll, with NO SHOCK LOAD. This offers twice the capacity for wave power conversion than other devices. WL working with Mojo Maritime, DNV GL, OREC, Gibbs Gears, & Universities of Bristol, Plymouth & Southampton in feasibility re generating offshore grid scale power.

Wave Energy Could Power 15% Of the European Grid
WITT Phone Charger
WITT Phone Charger

Capturing Wind Power

The global small wind power market was valued at $776.8 million in 2014 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 19.5% from 2014 to 2019, to reach a market size of $1,895 million.

Source Research and Markets July 2015.

Witt Limited, with its new dragonfly concept of capturing wind power from any direction for use by households where there is access of low level wind, see the WITT as providing a future wind harvesting technology that could be developed for a global market.

Size of WITT Markets - Research data & examples

ID Tech Ex -the global market for energy harvesters providing power off grid to reach $2.6bn by 2024.
WinterGreen Research forecasts the market at $4.2bn by 2019.

Grid Scale Ocean WITTs

The European Ocean Energy Association estimates a EU potential of 188 GW by 2050, satisfying 15% of European electricity demand and, in some countries, e.g. the UK, up to 20% of national demand. The global ocean energy market to be worth US$10.1bn by 2020 forecasts Transparency Market Research.


Global Boat Park for retrofitting WITTs

At c.20mn+ boats – extrapolated from 2012 data from the International Council of Marine Industry Associations.


Consumer WITT to recharge mobile phones

According to Gartner, 1.8bn mobile phones were sold globally in 2013. The International Telecommunication Union (Feb 2013) assesses there are 6.8bn global mobile subscriptions worldwide.


Global Soldier

Modernization Market Worth $6.5bn – Mordor Intelligence.


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