First Application
Marine Witt

First WITT Application - for boats, buoys and anything floating on the sea where power is required.

WITT Limited already has a well known round the world yachtsman wanting to trial the WITT!

Our Vendée Globe Energy Challenge project goal is to showcase the potential of the latest innovations in renewable energy production.

Demonstrating this zero-emissions vehicle in extreme environments, producing its own energy in total autonomy represents a powerful statement in today’s capabilities, enabling an accelerated transition towards sustainable energy models.

Witt Limited’s pioneering new technology for harnessing renewable energy, and capturing dynamic wave motion to turn this into useable power is of great interest to the team.

Phil Sharp
Round the World Yachtsman

Witt Limited has secured global company support to bring the first Marine WITT technology to market.

WITT Phone Charger

Ricardo and Schaeffler Logo

Witt Ltd is working with Ricardo and Schaeffler to ensure that it brings its technology through to production. These are global companies with the necessary skills and an established track record of bringing new technologies to market.

Schaeffler is a global bearings and components supplier for applications including automotive, wind turbines and ocean power applications (their turnover was €12.1bn in 2014). They are very impressed with the WITT technology and have agreed to provide their own R&D support to bring the Marine WITT without cost to Witt Limited.

Ricardo is a global engineering consultancy employing over 2000 engineers around the world, providing world class engineering and product development expertise to bring new products to market.

We are delighted to be working with Witt Limited to develop their marine power energy harvester. Indeed we see our expertise in bearing technology for the marine sector as being highly beneficial in bringing the WITT technology to market.

Schaeffler is committed to the development of renewable energy solutions that have the potential to make a significant positive impact on climate change. Water power is an important renewable energy resource, and the capability to generate energy from ocean waves represents a key future-oriented growth field for Schaeffler.

Stewart Davies
Principal Applications Engineer, Schaeffler (UK) Ltd

There are also many lifesaving and ocean survival applications where energy power is needed and we are delighted to have the RNLI and global survival company, Survitec, wanting to deploy our WITTs at sea. Of course Lloyds Register is keen to help WITT as we progress, Health & safety at sea is a global issue.

Survitec leads the market globally in marine, defence and aerospace survival technology. We see the WITT as providing many survival applications across these markets, and we will be interested in working with the company as they bring these solutions to market.”

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